Royale RP-2

Formula Ford

 Royale RP-2

Vintage Garage Meets The Lola Registry on Mother's Day 2003

Asleep at the wheel......didn't even feel the pain of the frame jamming into my sides.

Up on the Flat Bed for another gruesome 4 hours, Vaughn, mind if I sleep over to Thursday?



OK, up for 36 hours. Jump into your buddies flatbed, and drive 4 hours from Jersey to Maryland to meet Vaughn of Vintage Garage, and you'll be sleeping too!  By the way, no matter how good it sounds, never take one of these flat beds to pick up a race car at distance.  You can't take it on the Parkway, it won't go over 65 mph, and the ride is like riding a coal car without any rails.  So a 2.5 hour trip, turned into a 4 hour ordeal.  Nevertheless, Vaughn was a real nice guy and the car was worth the trip.  Any Lola T200's out there for sale?