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The SR71 Project is DONE..........Check out the Project Files for more information and Pictures

    Welcome to Gearbox Racing, home to the un-official Lola Registry.  We finally bit the bullet and subscribed to a real web hosting service.  As a result, when time permits, more features will be added and the blueprint library can finally be started.  This site is dedicated to the owners and followers of this great marques.  Our intention is to facilitate the free flow of information between owners, source spare parts, locate fabricators, and aid in maintaining the originality and race readiness of our cars.  Lets keep these cars where they belong.......on the track!  

    We welcome viewer input and participation (actually, it wouldn't work without it!).  Contact us with your car information as described in the link below and we will update our files as soon as we can (no, this is not my full time job).  We are also looking for blueprints and Lola documentation.  We will be developing this site as we go, and it will only be as good as you want it to be.  So please contribute.  Thank you Allan T. Chou

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