About us



   My name is Allan T. Chou and I am a race car junkie.  My passion has been in the acquisition, restoration, and driving enjoyment of these mechanical marvels since I was born.  Or at least as far back as I could remember.  As a result, my collection is now at 15 cars (not all Lolas unfortunately) and climbing. In each of my restorations, I searched endlessly for original parts, blueprints, and information on my cars which often spanned over several years.  The one predominate experience that I have had was the overwhelming response from other Lola owners who was more than willing to share information and parts.  Although finding these individuals and keeping track of them was a monumental task, even with the advent of the internet.  Subsequently, if we had a central point to gather, collect a library of information and literature to share, and to enjoy the association of other Lola owners, the process of our endeavors would be greatly eased.  This is the main goal of this web site.  Even with the modest information so far posted, I am quickly running out of my free personal web space.  So if anyone has a free commercial site, please let me know.  Would hate to have pop up ads destroy this site in the future.  


    My racing career began over 25 years ago in a Royale RP3 Formula Ford.  Needless to say, the lack of set up knowledge and difficulties in setting up the car made me think that I was not suited for racing.  Quite frankly, it scared the hell out of me....it was possessed.  Then the first Lola entered into my life.  A handsome Lola T340 Formula Ford which transformed my driving skills from "what the hell am I doing here" to "Wow, this is fun".  The car actually made me look good.  Thus, the love affaire began.  Since that time, I have raced many years with Formula Fords, F2000, FSV, and now Sports 2000.