Lotus Elan SE



One of the bright spots of the car was the signed Colin Chapman Steering Wheel.  The wheel was in good shape save a slight separation of the plastic vinyl wrap.  Seems like years of UV damage and rain had caused the seam to split, a very difficult repair.  I tried thinking of various ways to repair the damage to no avail.  The original manufacture of the wheel was with a vinyl press and was heated on.  The only second option was to wrap the wheel in leather.  Wheel skins makes a custom leather wrap fitted to the size of any wheel, so I ordered one for about $60.  It was not the best solution, but the only one that I could think of at the moment.  The wrap turned out fairly well and spruced up the wheel, but it increased the diameter of the rim.  While only slightly, you tend lose that thin delicate feel of the OEM wheel.  Six of one, half a dozen of another.   Maybe I'll order another wrap but a bit smaller in circumference and stretch the hell out of it.  This way it might feel thinner and the subtle ripples from the string would disappear.  As I am writing this, the wheel had smoothed out considerably since I had originally strung it up.