CB 750 F



1978 Honda CB 750 F Super Sport.  Had this bike since the early 80's, but lack of interest on my part allowed the bike to deteriorate.  But a new glimmer of hope has risen as my son Justin has developed an interest in motorcycles.  Just getting his new motorcycle license, he had found my old bike and gave it a good polish.  Carbs needs rebuilding and I am sure we will need a new exhaust, and a go through of the brakes and hydralics, but should have it running in no time.  I think he has ideas of modifying the bike to a "Cafe Racer" which is now all the craze.  Especially with these old Honda 750's which appears to be the bike of choice.  Apparently, these bikes were modified back in the day by all these cafe racer types in Britian replicating the all popular RC166 Honda race bike.  It's good to see the bike being appreciated again and look forward in helping my son creating a bad ass Cafe Racer. 



Some possible ideas for the build