Formula Ford

3/23/06 - Found another orphaned race car to tackle.  The car is a 1967 Dulon LD4 formula Ford found in Vancouver Canada.  The car was involved in a shunt years ago on the Hill Climb circuit which damaged the right side.  Previous owner, Luarie Watters attempted repairs, which got it close, but still needs major work.  Apparently, there where on 23 of these cars made between 1968 and 1969, so finding one to copy will be difficult.   The car came with no motor nor transaxle.  And except for a few small bits, radiator, dash, and oil/water tanks, the car was fairly complete.  Plus it had a new body which was so thin, it weighed nothing. 



First order of business was to inventory the parts and see what we have and what we don't.  And also to see what tubing sizes we need to finish up the frame.  The roll bar was not original nor was it the correct height.  So I had it cut off before shipping to save space and expense.  No matter how much I want to keep these cars original, a roll bar that resides under my head just doesn't work for me.  So with the new height, the shape will have to be redesigned to clear the original body openings as well as the rear brace and rear deck lid. 

These are the only pictures I have of other LD4B's andCs.  Unfortunately, not much detail.  The Red car was recently sold on Race_Cars.com to Andy Clark by David Clements chassis number 11, which has now been fully restored.  Previous owner to David was back in 1985 driven by Alastair De Hamell.   The Green car was in the photo collection of Bill Longley, co-founder of Dulon, current owner unknown, and the Blue car is owned by Patrick Jamin in France (e-mail sent).  I did locate and speak with an owner in Boise Id., but it doesn't seem I will be getting any pictures soon from him (Non Computer Guy).   Any help that anyone could provide on current LD4 ownership or better pictures would be greatly appreciated. 

2/1/07 - In the hunt for information I have created the Dulon Registry.  Not only did I get a wealth of information, but was able to have contact with Bill Longely who graciously provided me with the production numbers of all the early Dulons.  The site can be found at .

2/14/07 - With the cold weather, I decided to do some inside work and create the nose badge out of vinyl.  See the process at