Porsche Cayman S

Latest addition to the coral is a 2008 Porsche Cayman S.  Exceptional driving experience compared to my last Boxster despite the fact I still think it's a Boxster hardtop lol.  Power is finally sufficient compared to the Boxster.  The Boxster's handling was great and one of things that made the car, but the Cayman is far superior.  Much tighter and driving around town at speed is an dream with virtually no oversteer, very balanced.  The 6 speed has a factory short shifter and the throws are fast and smooth.  I bought a GT3 throttle valve body and an IDP plenum that increases the intake from 74mm to 82mm.  Coupled with an EVO air filter, I should be able to get HP upwards of 330 plus.  To show off the new parts, I was able to source an acrylic engine cover which means the engine will be completely detailed and painted as the visible part of the motor is pretty much all black plastic.  The car is equipped with factory sports seats, xenon headlights, but does not have the Chrono package and PASM.  They have a aftermarket electronic box that will do the same thing as the Chrono save the clock on the dash, and I think I am better off without the PASM as replacement shocks are quite expensive.