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fiesta crankshaft Spacer

Finally, an alternative to the expensive Ford Pinto Crankshaft.  While original cranks are no longer available and the new SCCA Enterprises Scat Crank goes for $800 before prepping, our spacer allows you to use the more plentiful and less expensive (under $100 in many cases) Ford Fiesta Crank.  When the Fiesta 1600 was penned, Ford had to narrow the length of the motor to fit sideways for the Fiesta's front wheel drive configuration.  As a result, the crankshaft flywheel end was shaved by 0.185" .  As a result, the standard Pinto flywheel will not fit nor ring gear/clutch surface be properly spaced.  Our spacers are laser cut and fits perfectly.  The center hole fits into the crank boss and its circumference inserts into the flywheel indentation providing a true register of the crank to flywheel.  Subsequently run out of both the circumference and clutch surface is nominal and consistent with a Pinto crank and flywheel.  These spacers have been running in race cars for over 6 years with no failures.  Use of 1.25" grade 8 bolts with torque to 65 ft. lbs. is recommended.


Ford Fiesta Crank Spacer                        $35 plus shipping