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Lola Part sources

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Carbon fiber and fiberglass body parts

Twiss Sports Racer Development

Specializes in the manufacture of uprights for the 86-90,T-590 to T-598 cars


Aerospace technology composite expert now doing state of the art race car body fabrication in carbon fiber and fiberglass parts and repairs.  We will be featuring his work on this site and will be coming out with many Lola parts in the coming year.  Contact Tom through his website at he is located in Van Nuys Ca.


Metal Fabrication Engineers

These are the guys you need if your Lola gets tweeked and you need any suspension component recreated from the mangled part.  Excellent work in all metals, tubing, castings and even mono repairs. Ask for Rob and mention The Lola Registry



Fabricator of Brake Rotors for many of our cars.  Click here for availability and prices. 

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Various Lola parts including up rights, steering rack ends, stub axles, and of course dog rings.

Intercity Manufacturing

Custom fabrication shop offering Lola stub axles, flanges, and more.  Call Doug Learned 831-899-3636


S & S Performance Motorsports

Steve Bonk is the new Revolution Wheel distributor here in the States and is an avid Racing enthusiast.  Check out the new 3 piece Modular Revolutions and Steve carries many of the common sized Classic 4 spoke in stock.  Custom sizes available if purchased in lots of 60.