IP Systems
  • Portable Flow meter Calibration equipment
  • Calibration services
  • Automatic flushing and cleaning systems
  • Zero down time while calibrating
  • Instantaneous readings with 100% accuracy
  • Gases, Liquids, and Slurries

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  • Why use IP Systems?


  • - Unplanned plant shut downs are costly.

  • - All Flow Meters will eventually lose calibration.

  • - Internal build up and deposits of medium will alter readings and degrade product accuracy.

  • - Repair, cleaning, and re-calibration of flow meters requires removal and return to the manufacturer resulting in a loss of days if not weeks of production and rework or wasted product.


  • + IP Systems is a completely portable system that calibrates your meters without removal from the line.

  • + Calibrations can be done while in production and accurately diagnosis faulty meters in real time.

  • + Our component back flush system will automatically clean the lines overnight allowing next day product changes and eliminating dangerous accumulations.



  • IP Systems has developed portable flow calibration
  • equipment that covers the full range of the lightest gases to dirtiest of slurries.  Each flow calibration device will cover several sizes of flow meters and custom equipment for specialized applications are available.  Some of the industries benefiting from our products include laboratories, pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, aviation, and any other manufacturer that requires repeatable accuracy and less down time from equipment failures.

  • The System

Q_m=\frac{ K_u -I_u\omega^2  }{2Kd^2}\tau

  • At the heart of our system are three Coriolis flow meters.  Coriolis is by far, the most accurate flow meter made.  With no moving parts, it is highly reliable and robust in construction.  IP Systems has taken this design and brought it to the next level.  Through our patented software and measuring methods, we have attained .0002% accuracy.  We can measure light gases of hydrogen and methane, to hydrocarbons, to the heaviest of slurries.  Our accuracy is maintained no matter how low a flow is generated.      Ku is the temperature dependent stiffness of the tube