To the

 DULON Registry

With the little we know about our cars, we hope to collect information from any past or present owners about their cars.  And with some luck, we hope to connect the dots and finally document everything that is DULON.  Please give us any information you have, factual or antidotal.  Copies of documents, including drawings, factory correspondence, log books, and any literature would be very helpful.  A question of chassis plates is also of great interest as many of the cars that we have are missing or never came with any identification stampings or plates.  So any way of distinguishing individual cars would be of substantial help.  To start, please give us as much information as possible including:



Contact info

Chassis number


Picture in Jpeg format

All information should be sent to Gearbox22@Verizon.net .  Feel free to call if you have any questions (908) 377-6773

Thank you Allan T. Chou