The Lola Registry

Do It Yourself Series

    This section will be dedicated to information on how to do some of the more common, and perhaps somewhat technical things that we have taken for granted by some, and are the black arts to many others.  Articles contain mainly my own experiences and we invite any contributions from others.  Even if you decide not to undertake the project, knowing how it's done undoubtedly gives you a leg up in the proper operation of your car.  The articles are a work in progress and will be completed as time allows.  I am open to suggestions, corrections, and edits, so please contribute.  As you can see, there will be a lot on my plate.  Hope you enjoy the articles as much as I have writing them, good luck Allan


Project 1  Race Prepping the Weber 32/36 Carburetor   (Updated Daily)
Project 2  Race Prepping Distributors
Project 3  Alignment and Car set up
Project 4  Fiberglass body repairs
Project 5  Engine rebuilding 1600
Project 6  Hewland Mk5,6,8,9 Rebuild & Blueprinting
Project 7  Advanced Fiberglass mould making
Project 8 Formula Car Rolling Box
Project 9 Machine Shop