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Requests for quotes are all expedited for a 3 day turn around depending on complexity, secondary operations, and component sourcing.  Simplifying this task would be the submission of clear and concise drawings with all dimensions, material requirements, and coatings.  We can easily comprehend DXF, IGES, files, but Solidworks part files would be the best solution.  We can also accept Pro-E files.  But no matter what the format, even a clear hand sketch on the back of a napkin, we can determine your needs and offer you a competitive cost and honest delivery schedule.  We also offer reverse engineering services from samples and can offer more efficient options and value engineering.


Required fields for rapid quoting:

  1. Drawings and part files in the above mention formats, samples highly recommended, but not required

  2. Quantity required and ETA of shipment.  Annual projections would also be helpful

  3. Contact information including name of business, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.

  4. Individuals we can contact should there be any technical information that needs clarification.

  5. Preferred method of funds transfer, Letter of Credit, Direct transfer, or 30 days of shipment Terms.


All information or inquires should be transmitted to .  Multiple emails should be consecutively numbered should file size is too great.