Our business model is to source the best domestic factories that have no prior export experience.  This in turn allows us to obtain the lowest possible costs for our customer while adding our internal expertise in preparing all necessary documentation and bills of lading to ensure a trouble free shipment.   Our engineers and production staff works closely with the factory to ensure a quality product.   Coupled with our careful oversight and quality controls, overseas manufacturing can be easier and much more profitable than domestic US production.   


Our China staff are all English speaking who are fluent in Solidworks, Pro-E, and most all popular CAD software.  Our China Managers are all Native US citizens who have production experience in both the US and China.   

Rest assured, nothing will be Lost in Translation


Overwhelmingly labor is the highest cost advantage in China that no automation can match.  We find the best factories that can comply with our high quality standards.  As a result, we have developed deep long standing relationships with numerous factories as they see us as a partner in aiding them to grow and to become a better producer.


Steel Fabrication

We live and speak steel.  Our expertise allows us to identify the best quality materials, understand all characteristics of the product, and ensure that no substandard material is used.  We can form, stamp, and roll to any possible spec.  Post operations include the gambit of painting, powder coating, silk screening, and plating.


Plastic Injection Molding

Our range of injection molding includes manufacturing any size or shaped dies for any equipment you have, to producing large quantities of high quality parts at more than competitive prices. 


Die Cast Tooling & Parts

Again, we can manufacturer high tolerance tooling for Die Casting or produce the parts in our factories for a fraction of domestic costs.


Electronic Components

From Digital to Analog, custom PCBs, switches, and even knobs, we can source anything that you may ever need to complete your product.  We also can offer assembly and packaging for a complete end user ready product delivered to your door.  



Legal Documentation

Our product offering includes all necessary documentation services for export from China and import in to the US, such as, but not exclusive to, Bills of Lading, Factory Invoices, Rohs Certificates, and any other necessary documents.  We also can obtain China Patents on behalf of our clients for increased protection.  Enforcement of legal documents in China is excellent, based on our relationship with Central and Local government officials and our knowledge of China Laws.